The Black Swan’s Chicory Espresso Martini

Ready for a taste of Michelin-starred mixology? This is The Black Swan in Oldstead’s unique take on the espresso martini. Using Priory Vodka and chicory root, it’s served on their tasting menu along with their chicory and potato dessert. That’s right; a chicory and potato dessert served with a chicory and potato (vodka) cocktail!

The chicory caramel in the cocktail adds a wonderfully buttery texture to the drink. Fancy a go? They’ve very kindly given us the recipe.


Chicory Root Infusion
10g Chicory Root Powder
200ml Water

Chicory Caramel
50g Caster Sugar
25g Glucose
63.5g butter
37.5g Cream
37.5ml of Chicory Root infusion

Chicory Espresso Martini
50ml Priory Vodka
40g Chicory Caramel
1 shot Ristretto coffee


Chicory Root Infusion

  1. Add the Chicory Root powder and water to a pan, and bring to a boil.

  2. Infuse for 10 minutes.

Chicory Root Caramel

  1. Combine the glucose and sugar and bring to a dark caramel.

  2. Pour in the chicory infusion.

  3. Add the butter and cream.

  4. Mix, and season to taste.

Cocktail Service

  1. Add Priory Vodka and Chicory Root Caramel to a shaker.

  2. Pull 1 x Ristretto shot.

  3. Add Ristretto shot to the shaker with lots of ice.

  4. Shake really hard!

  5. Serve into two chilled cocktail glasses.