A true taste of Yorkshire spirit; from the ground up.

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Nine hundred years in the making.

Since the early 12th Century, Syningthwaite Priory has stood proudly amongst the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. 1163, to be precise. We can only imagine the tales and traditions this place has seen. Well, in 2018, it's time for us to start a new one.

Born from the potatoes grown in our fields, and distilled on site on our farm; we've crafted a crisp and refreshing spirit that - we like to think - anyone in our Priory's rich 900 year history could gather to enjoy.

This is Priory Vodka. A true taste of Yorkshire spirit.


Refreshingly simple.

With our vodka, we like to keep things pure and simple. True to our roots, our vodka is unapologetically uncomplicated; calm and considered.

We only need three ingredients to make our vodka. We give them time in the still to work things out. But once we're done, we can all take a step back and let it's taste do all the talking.




Double Gold standard.

Don't just take our word for it.

The Vodka Masters said our vodka's 'pure, fruity and floral' taste was enough to award us two Vodka Masters Gold Awards in 2017; one in the Micro Distillery and one in the Ultra Premium class.